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Andrea Lambert

A little bit about me:

I am a country girl through and through, my country accent tends to sell me as being a born and raised Texas native. Growing up our family raised miniature horses which explains my passion of being partial to rural environments.

I have loved design as far back as I can remember. My first big project that I created was an attic space converted to a bedroom in my parent's home as a child. It was a two level bedroom with a 4' step down where the bed and nightstand were located. My mother and business partner, Gayla, also know as Moms to some of our clients, was the best mother I could have been blessed with. She always allowed all four of us kids to give our input on color choices, bedding, furniture arrangements and paint colors we liked in our rooms. As a small child, I can remember looking through hoards wallpaper books giving what I thought was valuable feedback not knowing that one day that knowledge would be useful!

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